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Cynthian Vineyards is named after Dallas, Oregon’s original name. Dallas was settled in the 1840s on the north side of Rickreall Creek and was originally named “Cynthian” or “Cynthiana”.

The land is sprawling and beautiful, punctuated by expansive panoramas, warming sunrises and stoic sunsets. Hundred year oak trees roll on grasslands covering some forested area, and opening up around natural and man made ponds and streams.


Cynthian Vineyards is 80.03 Acres of Farmland on a large rolling hill. Located 14 miles west of Salem on Hwy 22 just 4 miles west of 99W. The planted site of 10 acres has been cleared for years and was used for cattle grass and some grazing a few years ago.  

An 8’ tall deer fence was installed in 2015 constructed of 6’’ x 12’ pressure treated posts and black New Zealand horse fencing. Control gates on all exits were installed. 

The German all metal trellis system and posts are in place. There is a water system on entire site pulling from captured rainwater on site. The drip lines are installed and being used currently. Soil was tested and a little low on PH.  OVS installed Lime on site at the end of summer 2015. After that, the entire area was ripped both ways by a D7 cat with 24’’ rippers. Then disked and tilled smooth.


8,559 total plants

(As of April 2016)

Some quick facts about the field


Soil Type
8D – Bellpine Silty
Clay Loam
12 to 20 percent slopes

+430 – 495ft
Slope 13.1% (7.48°)
Aspect South (169.3°)

Soil Depth
20 to 40 inches to
paralithic bedrock




14+ Hours a day

Solar Radiation
Growing Season

Huglin Index

Growing Degree
Days 1943.07




Annual 49.57"
Growing Season 13.04"

Natural drainage class; 
Well Drained

Drip Lines

Water Storage
Captured rain water



Zone 1
1,526 Planted ‘16
“777 Clone Plants” 

Zone 2
1,720 Planted ‘16
“777 Clone Plants” 

Zone 3
1,390 Planted ‘16
“777 Clone Plants” 

Zone 4
1,527 Planted ‘16
“Pommard Clone” 

Zone 5
2,396 Planted ‘16
“Pommard Clone” 


DSC04016 (1).JPG

Tim Kinkade | Owner & Operator

I’m Tim Kinkade, father of three boys, retired construction contractor, craftsman, and more recently owner and operator of Cynthian Vineyard in the Willamette Valley. I’ve lived in the Willamette valley for the past 24 years and wouldn’t rather live anywhere else. I purchased the property in 2013 and have been passionately developing the property the past 3 years; this year have planted over 8559 Pinot Noir grapes.

With that; it should come at no surpise that Pinot Noir’s are my favorite grape and i’m an avid advocate for red over white. 

I’m very high energy, passionate and dedicated to putting all my energy with the highest of standards, I don’t believe in shortcuts.

When i’m not managing my vineyard, I’m working on my ‘68 Mustang in my shop, traveling to spanish wine country with my sons, hiking with my three giant white dogs, golfing around Oregon or wood carving low relief sculptures


Wine is the most civilized
thing in the world.”
— Ernest Hemingway

In Beautiful Wine Country

Cynthian Vineyard
13945 Hwy 22
Dallas, Oregon 97338


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